Highly efficient monitoring of VOCs in stack emissions using sorbent tubes analysed by TD–GC–MS in accordance with European standard method CEN/TS 13649

This Application Note demonstrates that Markes International’s automated thermal desorption systems offer excellent results for monitoring volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in stationary source emissions in accordance with the updated version of the European standard method CEN/TS 13649 released in 2014.


Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) play key roles in photochemical reactions in the atmosphere – in particular, they contribute to formation of harmful particulates, and are involved in the generation of low-level ozone. Moreover, due to their toxicity many VOCs have a significant impact on human and environmental health in their own right.

Emissions from industry contribute significantly to global levels of man-made VOCs, and as a result in 2001 the European technical committee for air quality (CEN/TC 264) released a standard method1 that defined a procedure for monitoring VOCs from stationary sources, such as in stack gases.