When Art Meets Science

Welcome to our second foray into the fascinating confluence of aesthetics and analytics, where we celebrate the wonderful and diverse world of analytical science by sharing your spectacular images.

The Invisible Becomes Visible

World-renowned artist Rebecca Kamen re-imagines and visualizes complex knowledge and the process of discovery – an approach that explores the nexus of art and science in a unique and beautiful way.

Scientific analysis factors greatly in the creation of Rebecca Kamen’s work. Through her research into various fields of science and by working closely with scientists, Kamen analyzes what she understands and communicates her observations and discoveries through exciting forms of art.

When did your fascination with science and discovery begin?

I fell in love with discovery as a young girl. With awe and wonder, I spent much of my childhood investigating the world of elements with a simple chemistry set, and used it to create elaborate science-fair projects. Insatiable curiosity and a deep love of learning created bridges between seemingly unrelated disciplines. As a result, I have devoted my life to an intuitive examination of properties that overlap from discipline to discipline. I remember the thrill when my first cardboard telescope magically connected me with the cosmos, and can still summon my feelings and fascination as I continue to explore its matter and meaning. These discoveries have inspired me to use my artwork to make the invisible visible, connecting common threads that flow across various scientific fields to capture and re-imagine what scientists see.

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