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August Issue of The Analytical Scientist

The Power List is back! This year, we’re celebrating the top 100 individuals whose impact stood out over the past decade – across four different categories: Innovators and Trailblazers, Leaders and Advocates, Educators and Mentors, and Connectors and Interdisciplinarians. In My View features twelve of our Power Listers who discuss the biggest challenges facing the field. In Upfront, you’ll find stories on biodegradable spectrometry, metabolomics and personalized medicine, as well as the mystery contents of Bronze Age ceramic bottles. Elsewhere, Kevin Knopp at 908 Devices talks mass spec miniaturization, and Vassilia Zorba at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory discusses the promise of lasers in spectroscopy. Last but not least, we sit down with Richard N. Zare, whose illustrious career spans six decades.

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