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CDS Analytical

CDS Analytical is a global provider of thermal sample preparation instrumentation. For over 50 years our exclusive focus has been on conceiving, designing, manufacturing, and supporting leading edge instruments. CDS offers a complete suite of diverse front-end GC equipment including pyrolyzers, purge and trap, headspace, and thermal desorption systems. These robust, field-tested products provide the entire range of temperature, heating rate, and multiple step manipulations required by today's most demanding analytical laboratories. CDS Analytical has acquired the rights to Empore™ Solid Phase Extraction products, extending our reach into lab consumables to provide solutions for Environmental, Food Science and Biopharma customers.

CDS Analytical

465 Limestone Road, Oxford, PA 19363, USA


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Content by CDS Analytical:

CDS 8500 Purge and Trap Performance with EPA Method 8260D

| Contributed by CDS Analytical

CDS Analytical’s new 8500 purge and trap autosampler is coupled with GC-MS to demonstrate the performance with USEPA method 8260D

Extractions of Illicit Drugs from Wastewater using Empore™ Syringe-type Membrane SPE Cartridge

| Contributed by CDS Analytical

This application note demonstrates the performance of Empore MPC EZdisk to extract forensic drugs and their metabolites in LC.

Pyrolysis-Gas Chromatography-High Resolution Mass Spectrometry with Soft Ionization for Increased Confidence of Polymer Characterization

| Contributed by CDS Analytical

This application note highlights a comparison between classical pyrolysis-GC with EI-Tandem Quadrupole MS and pyrolysis-APGC coupled to a QToF MS.

Evaluation of Different Types of Empore™ StageTips

| Contributed by CDS Analytical

Describing the performance of three types of StageTips, packed with the Empore™ membrane, for peptide desalting for proteomics research

Analysis of Fragrance and Flavor Compounds in Citrus Peels by Dynamic Headspace with a Pyroprobe 6200

| Contributed by CDS Analytical

This application note demonstrates analysis of fruit peels by performing DHS- GCMS with a Pyroprobe 6200.

Extractions of Phenols in Water Using the Empore™ HLB SPE EZ-Disk

| Contributed by CDS Analytical

This application note demonstrates the performance of Empore HLB EZ-Disk to extract 19 different species of phenols

Pyrolysis of Paper with a Thermal Slice Technique

| Contributed by CDS Analytical

App Note presenting pyrolysis GC-MS of cash register paper, using a thermal slice technique to thermally remove the paper component from the analysis

Extractions of Phenols Using the Empore™ HLB SPE EZ-Disk

| Contributed by CDS Analytical

This application note presents a method for the extractions of phenols from water using the Empore™ HLB syringe-type SPE cartridge, the EZ-Disk

Thermal Extraction of VOCs using a Multi-ramp Method

| Contributed by CDS Analytical

A quick temperature ramp technique to improve the focusing of VOCs without a need for trapping.

High pH Peptide Fractionation Using Empore™ C18 StageTips

| Contributed by CDS Analytical

Extensive off-line peptide fractionation is used to reduce the complexity of the proteome and is critical to in-depth global proteome profiling.

Say Hello to 8500 Automated Purge & Trap System

| Contributed by CDS Analytical

The 8500 automated purge and trap system is a 110 position autosampler with dynamic headspace sampling function for EPA methods 524, 624 and 8260.

Rapid Peptide and Protein Desalting and Fractionation using Empore™ StageTips in Proteomics

| Contributed by CDS Analytical

The Empore™ SPE membrane is now available in pre-packed StageTips and is the best way to save time and improve reproducibility of peptide desalting

1 Minute Irradiation = 2 Month Sunshine for Analytical Study by GC-MS

| Contributed by CDS Analytical

The CDS Photoprobe is a unique device that uses high power xenon lamp to irradiate sample in the Drop In Sample Chamber (DISC)

EmporeTM Solid Phase Extraction Disks, Cartridges, 96-well plates & EZ-Trace Extraction System

| Contributed by CDS Analytical

CDS EmporeTM Solid Phase Extraction products utilize a patented process to enmesh adsorbent particles into an inert PTFE matrix.

Pyroprobe - a Multi-functional Thermal Injection System for GC/MS

| Contributed by CDS Analytical

The Pyroprobe is for polymer quantification studies by providing multiple extraction techniques

Multi-tube Thermal Desorber for TD-GC-MS Analysis from CDS Analytical

| Contributed by CDS Analytical

The 7550S thermally desorbs either 3.5” L or 4.5L tube into the GC-MS

EmporeTM (formerly 3MTM EmporeTM) Solid Phase Extraction Disks, Cartridges & 96-well plates

| Contributed by CDS Analytical

Ultra-fast flow rate at 350ml/min: 2X faster than other brands; Least elution volume: 1/3 of other brands and 1/10 of traditional SPE

CDS Analytical Celebrates 50 Years of Innovation in GC Sample Introduction

| Contributed by CDS Analytical

Over the past 50 years, CDS Analytical has been expanding its core business to cover GC front-end sample introduction methods.

Webinars on Demand

Techniques & Tools Gas Chromatography

Explore the Benefits of a Multi-function Thermal Injection System for Gas Chromatography

| Sponsored by CDS Analytical

This webcast will discuss the use of a versatile GC sample introduction instrument (Pyroprobe) from CDS Analytical with GC–MS to increase analytical throughput.

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