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MOBILion Systems Inc

MOBILion Systems, Inc.

4 Hillman Dr #130
Chadds Ford
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Content by MOBILion Systems Inc:

Application Notes

Uncover Epimers in Natural Extract Analysis

| Contributed by MOBILion Systems Inc

Challenged by isomer overlap in extracts? Separate based on inherent structural properties for better identification and higher sensitivity

HRIM Revolutionizes PFAS Forensic Testing: Unveil Isomers & Boost ID Accuracy

| Contributed by MOBILion Systems Inc

Ion mobility reveals "dark matter" PFAS, undetected by standard tests, enhancing understanding and guiding mitigation.

Find the needle in the biochemical hemp haystack with high-res ion mobility

| Contributed by MOBILion Systems Inc

Natural extracts from cannabis sativa are popular therapeutic agents. Pinpointing the desired compounds in isomeric mixtures can be difficult

What isomeric analytes are you missing in your biotherapeutic analysis?

| Contributed by MOBILion Systems Inc

Watch Now! The MOBIE platform reveals fresh insights through High-Res Ion Mobility analysis.

Advanced high throughput biotherapeutic glycosylation profiling with ion mobility

| Contributed by MOBILion Systems Inc

The MOBIE platform improves speed, resolution & analysis in LC mass spectrometry.

Unlock HRIM's Potential in LC-MS: Boost Biopharma PTM Analysis

| Contributed by MOBILion Systems Inc

Using High-Resolution Ion Mobility-Mass Spectrometry (HRIM-MS) in traditional LC-MS workflows enhances reproducible high-throughput PTM analysis

Webinars on Demand

Techniques & Tools Mass Spectrometry

Biopharma Innovations: Experts Leveraging Ion Mobility

| Sponsored by MOBILion Systems Inc

This is an invaluable opportunity to deepen your understanding of ion mobility, its benefits and how it is propelling the biotechnology sector forward!

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