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Perkin Elmer

PerkinElmer is a global leader focused on improving the health and safety of people and the environment through the development and delivery of technologies, services and solutions that are used in critical applications. From environmental monitoring, water analysis and food safety to clinical diagnostics, drug discovery and biomedical research, PerkinElmer is committed to advancing science, collaborating with our customers and putting innovation into action for a healthier today and even better tomorrow.

PerkinElmer, Inc.
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Content by Perkin Elmer:

Fields & Applications Mass Spectrometry

Shifting the Landscape of Nanomaterial Measurement

| Chady Stephan, Madjid Hadioui, Kevin J. Wilkinson, Robert Thomas

Collaboration between the University of Montreal and PerkinElmer shows how the unique capability of single particle inductively coupled plasma-mass spectrometry (SP-ICP-MS) can be used to assess the environmental impact of engineered nanomaterials.

Multi-Element Analysis of Drinking Water Using the NexION 1000 ICP-MS Following ISO 17294-2 and (EU) 2020/2184

| Contributed by Perkin Elmer

All sample and solution preparations in this application note were performed volumetrically.

Direct Trace-Element Analysis in Cell Culture Media and Raw Materials with the NexION 5000 ICP-MS

| Contributed by Perkin Elmer

Metal ions are important components of cell culture media as they are enzyme cofactors and their variation can influence the growth of cultured cells

A Single Cannabis LC/MS/MS Method to Meet California Pesticide and Mycotoxin Residues Regulatory Requirements

| Contributed by Perkin Elmer

This application note is no longer available

The Determination of Minerals and Metals in Multi-Mineral/Multi- Vitamin Tablets by Flame Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy

| Contributed by Perkin Elmer

In this work, a method was developed to measure minerals in both commercial tablets and food simulation diets using a PinAAcle™ 900 AA spectrometer in Flame mode.

Elemental Analysis of Beer by Flame Atomic Absorption Spectrometry with the PinAAcle 900 AAS

| Contributed by Perkin Elmer

This work reports a method for determination of several elements relevant to the beer industry.

Quantification of Essential Metals in Spice Mixtures for Regulatory Compliance Using Flame Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometry

| Contributed by Perkin Elmer

This work demonstrates methods for accurate determination of essential metals in spice mixtures.

Determination of Lead and Cadmium in Foods by Graphite Furnace Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy

| Contributed by Perkin Elmer

Cadmium and lead are among the major toxic elements that must be monitored for human exposure.

Direct Determination of Thallium in Water by Pre-concentration with the PinAAcle 900H GFAAS

| Contributed by Perkin Elmer

In this work, an accurate, reliable method was developed for the determination of ultra-trace level thallium in water using a PinAAcle™ 900H AA spectrometer.

Fields & Applications Forensics

The Analysis of Urine for Trace Elements using the NexION 2000 ICP-MS

| Contributed by Perkin Elmer

This work demonstrates the ability of the NexION 2000 ICP-MS to perform accurate, long-term analysis of trace elements in urine.

Fields & Applications Clinical

New Research Evaluating Cisplatin Uptake in Ovarian Cancer Cells by Single Cell ICP-MS

| Contributed by Perkin Elmer

This paper demonstrates the ability of the NexION 2000 ICP-MS single cell analyzer to monitor the uptake of cisplatin into cancer cells.

PerkinElmer’s NexION® 5000 Multi-Quadrupole ICP-MS – Performance to the Power of Four

| Contributed by Perkin Elmer

The NexION® 5000 Multi-Quadrupole ICP-MS is a four-quadrupole instrument designed to address the challenging applications in trace-elemental testing.

The QSight LC/MS/MS - Meet Pesticide Regulations in One Method on One Instrument

| Contributed by Perkin Elmer

New! PerkinElmer Fluorescence Spectroscopy Instruments and Accessories

| Contributed by Perkin Elmer

GC Technology for Superior Sensitivity, Capacity, and Throughput

| Contributed by Perkin Elmer

PerkinElmer Spectrum Two N™ FT-NIR Spectrometer

| Contributed by Perkin Elmer

What if you had 15% more uptime in your lab?

| Contributed by Perkin Elmer

PerkinElmer NexION® 2000 ICP-MS – Any Matrix, Any Interference, Any Particle Size

| Contributed by Perkin Elmer

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