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February 2013 Issue of The Analytical Scientist

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Articles featured in this issue

Techniques & Tools Data Analysis

A New Age Dawns

| Rich Whitworth

Open source hardware offers exciting prospects but demands a fresh way of thinking.

Techniques & Tools Mass Spectrometry

CSI: Geographical Jigsaw

| Rich Whitworth

Can isotope analysis uncover enough pieces to build a better picture in a truly cold murder case ...

Techniques & Tools

100 Years of Recognition

| Rich Whitworth

A century of Nobel Prizes in analytical science chart the progress of the field and the origins of modern ...

Fields & Applications Gas Chromatography

Illicit Italy

| Rich Whitworth

Angelo Cecinato has been measuring psychotropic substances in the air of Italy’s major cities.

Techniques & Tools Mass Spectrometry

Camera Focus

| Ron M. A. Heeren, Julia H. Jungmann

How mass spectrometric imaging of complex surfaces, such as animal tissue, is being expanded with a position- ...

Fields & Applications Environmental

Food Safety Net(work)

| Rich Whitworth

Waters Corp. and the FERA launch second International Food Safety Training Laboratory.

Techniques & Tools Technology

Overly Honest Analysis

| Rich Whitworth

Analytical scientists have become caught up in a new meme on Twitter recently. For those not ...

Fields & Applications Clinical

A Template for Citizen Science?

| Rich Whitworth

At the end of 2012, uBiome launched the world’s first crowdsourced research on the human microbiome.

Techniques & Tools Technology

Share, and We All Grow Richer

| Joshua M. Pearce

Free and open-source scientific hardware has the potential to liberate collective intelligence and cut ...

Fields & Applications Environmental

The Fight Against Doping in Sport

| Klass Faber, Joan Ferré

Three ways that the analytical scientist could – and should – play a more active role

Techniques & Tools Liquid Chromatography

High-Impact Liquid Chromatography

| Peter Schoenmakers

The development of analytical techniques requires a healthy balance between technology push and ...

Techniques & Tools Technology

Google: The Omnicompetitor

| Paul Petersen

The Internet appears to satisfy our need for information and communication ...

Techniques & Tools Sample Preparation

Overhauling Analytical Symposia

| Rich Whitworth

Here’s a six-point plan to maximize the value of one scientific forum. Could these ideas work in ...

Techniques & Tools Mass Spectrometry

The Science of Art

| Marco Leona

How analytical chemistry contributes to understanding and preserving our cultural heritage ...

Techniques & Tools Spectroscopy

Casting Light on Renaissance Illuminations

| John Delaney

Spatial information derived from macroscopic maps provides important ...

Techniques & Tools Spectroscopy

Deconvoluting the Creative Process

| Koen Janssens

Elemental distribution distinguishes different phases of a work of art by Hans Memling and sheds ...

Techniques & Tools Spectroscopy

The Stories That Colours Tell

| Marco Leona

Material identification studies using SERRS add to the knowledge of particular objects and the ...

Techniques & Tools Spectroscopy

Understanding Ancient Prescriptions

| Rebecca Stacey

How the ingredients of Roman medicines can be determined using a multi-analytical approach ...

Techniques & Tools Mass Spectrometry

Non-Targeted Analysis

| Paul Brereton

Recent advancements in analytical chemistry are beginning to highlight not only the potential of ...

Fields & Applications Proteomics


| Alejandro Cifuentes

The integration and application of powerful post-genomic technologies is required for food scientists to meet their latest challenges.

Techniques & Tools Food, Beverage & Agriculture

Regulating Food Allergens

| Lauren Jackson

Current methods to detect food proteins that cause adverse immune response can, and are, being improved ...

Fields & Applications Food, Beverage & Agriculture

Electronic Senses

| Michele Suman

Can miniaturization and microfluidic advances take ‘taste’ and ‘smell’ to the next level?

Fields & Applications Environmental

Emerging Contaminants

| Alberto Mantovani

A toxicological point of view can help close off concerns about bioaccumulating compounds

Fields & Applications Clinical

Confronting Conflict

| Elizabeth N. Treher

Conflict is a natural and healthy element of communication.

Fields & Applications Pharma & Biopharma

Overcoming Chemical Prejudice

| Don Richards

A Pfizer structure elucidation scientist teams up with Bruker’s software programmers to go 3D.

Fields & Applications Clinical

Connecting Separation Science

| Richard Gallagher

Sitting Down With Pat Sandra, Chairman of the Research Institute for Chromatography and Emeritus Professor of Organic Chemistry, University of Ghent

Fields & Applications Clinical

Video: Sitting Down With Pat Sandra

| Richard Gallagher

February saw The Analytical Scientist speak with Pat Sandra, Chairman of the Research Institute for Chromatography...

Fields & Applications Sample Preparation

Extraction of ‘Bath Salts’ from Human Urine

| Sponsored by Biotage

Sample preparation method to extract and analyze ‘Bath Salts’ using Supported Liquid Extraction (SLE).

Fields & Applications Sample Preparation

Analysis of Synthetic Oligomers and Polymers

| Sponsored by Tosoh

New roles and applications in the areas of science & technology are continuously being found for synthetic polymers.

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