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June 2018 Issue of The Analytical Scientist

Welcome to our June issue! In Upfront, we analyze manure, find out how a “coffee” filter could simplify cancer drug production and discover a sensor that could be a gamechanger in search and rescue. What’s on the wish lists of leading liquid chromatographers? Several experts dream big – and small – in their discussions about the future of the field. We also talk to Chris Harrison about his innovative teaching methods, and Sit Down With instrument innovator (and accidental scientist), Agilent’s Monika Dittmann.

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Articles featured in this issue

Techniques & Tools Professional Development

Time to Think

| Rich Whitworth

We can all benefit from taking a moment to consider what could be, says Content Director, Rich Whitworth

Fields & Applications Sensors

A Joint Venture

| William Aryitey

Nanopore sensors boost the sensitivity of an osteoarthritis biomarker

Techniques & Tools Environmental

What a Waste!

| Joanna Cummings

Better manure management could help fight antimicrobial resistance

Fields & Applications Pharma & Biopharma

Pure and Simple(r)

| Joanna Cummings

Making cancer drugs cheaper and more effective – with a paper “coffee” filter

Techniques & Tools Spectroscopy

Materials Science and Small Molecule Detection

| Joanna Cummings

Business in brief: What’s going on in analytical science?

Techniques & Tools Sensors

Working Like a Dog

| Joanna Cummings

A new portable sensor could sniff out trapped humans in search and rescue missions

Techniques & Tools Liquid Chromatography

Data With Destiny

| Joanna Cummings

A chromatography consortium has been awarded four million euros as part of the Belgian government’s Excellence in Science program.

Fields & Applications Spectroscopy

Opposites Attract

| Joanna Cummings

Researchers have discovered a strong electrostatic attraction between protein histone H1 and its binding partner prothymosin α.

Techniques & Tools Pharma & Biopharma

Bioanalysis 2.0

| Scott Summerfield and Eric Yang

How can pharmaceutical companies and CROs work together to drive innovation?

Fields & Applications Food, Beverage & Agriculture

Mineral Oil Analysis: A Slippery Problem

| Maurus Biedermann

What are the analytical challenges – and dangers – posed by MOAH and MOSH – and how can we tackle them?

Techniques & Tools Liquid Chromatography

The Next Big (or Small) Thing

| Emily Hilder, Pat Sandra, Janusz Pawliszyn, Ian Wilson, Steven Lehotay, Susan Olesik, Sebastiaan Eeltink, Michal Holcapek, Kevin Schug, Hans-Gerd Janssen, Frantisek Svec, Lourdes Ramos

We attempt to predict liquid chromatography’s way forward in our leaders’ “wish list”

Techniques & Tools Liquid Chromatography

Dream Small

| Milton Lee, Andrew Alpert, Yury Zelechonok

A wish come true for analytical scientists in the field? We profile the new breed of portable HPLC instruments.

Techniques & Tools Sample Preparation

An Underused Framework for Simpler Sample Prep?

| Victoria Samanidou

Victoria Samanidou presents her “MOF 101” and highlights how almost limitless configurations open up a wealth of opportunities to improve sample preparation.

Techniques & Tools Mass Spectrometry

Tricks of the Trade-Off

| Mary J. Wirth, Rachel E. Jacobson, Edwin Jhovany Alzate Rodriguez

The detailed characterization of post-translational protein modifications relies on performance improvements in both HPLC and MS. But how do we strike a balance between LC resolution and MS sensitivity?

Business & Education Gas Chromatography

Those Who Can, Teach: Christopher Harrison

| Christopher R. Harrison

In a new series, we ask analytical scientists about what is arguably their greatest legacy – enlightening the next generation.

Techniques & Tools Gas Chromatography

An Accidental Scientist

| Monika Dittmann

We Sit Down With Monika Dittmann, Principal Scientist, R&D Agilent Technologies, Germany.

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