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July 2015 Issue of The Analytical Scientist

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Articles featured in this issue

Fields & Applications Data Analysis

We ♥ Pluto

| Rich Whitworth

And it appears Pluto loves us back – its “two-tone heart” has enchanted scientists and the general public alike. But what’s that got to do with analytical science?

Fields & Applications Spectroscopy

Jurassic World... with Real Science

| Stephanie Sutton

Laser-stimulated fluorescence shines a light on the hunt for dinosaurs

Techniques & Tools Clinical

Biosensing Gets Smart

| Stephanie Sutton

Australian researchers harness the power of smartphone biosensing – without the need for specialized components

Techniques & Tools Technology

Catalyze This (or That)

| Rich Whitworth

A simple yet innovative catalytic reactor – the Polyarc – aims to give GC-FID a fresh lease of life

Techniques & Tools Food, Beverage & Agriculture

Winning Wines Under Scrutiny

| Stephanie Sutton

Chemical profiles link production methods with characteristic flavors

Techniques & Tools Spectroscopy

Pluto: the New Red (Dwarf) Planet

| Stephanie Sutton

Fingerprinting ice with FTIR spectroscopy ahead of New Horizons flyby of Pluto

Fields & Applications Environmental

By Royal Appointment

| Rich Whitworth

From analytical entrepreneur to Outward Bound Trustee, Fasha Mahjoor breaks the mold – again

Techniques & Tools Mass Spectrometry

Keep On Innovating

| Philip Marriott

Are today’s ‘blue sky’ instrumental techniques tomorrow’s industry standard?

Techniques & Tools Mass Spectrometry

Digging into Biomarkers of Oxidative Stress

| Michael Lämmerhofer

Hyphenated chromatography techniques enable the selection of representative biomarkers of oxidative stress – and help resolve the huge complexity of lipid oxidation products.

Techniques & Tools Microscopy

Rewarding Lab Effectiveness and Efficiency

| Peter James

S-Lab is using an awards scheme, an annual conference, and assessment tools and guidance to drive improvement in areas that are common to both analytical and research laboratories.

Fields & Applications Environmental

CSR in Context

| Elyssa Litchfield

How much value do you put on corporate social responsibility (CSR) in your laboratory? Read this and you may change your mind.

Fields & Applications Spectroscopy

Multimodal Spectroscopy: Production Workhorse

| Rudolf Kessler

Manufacturing is getting smarter; only a cross-discipline approach will ensure the success of tomorrow’s processes.

Fields & Applications Spectroscopy

Spectroscopy brought down to size

| Heinz Siesler

New developments are mobilizing Raman, mid-infrared and near-infrared spectroscopy for a whole host of innovative handheld applications.

Techniques & Tools Spectroscopy

Countering Counterfeit Medicine Little by Little

| Iestyn Armstrong-Smith

Sulaf Assi is a lecturer in forensic sciences at the Faculty of Science and Technology at Bournemouth University, UK.

Fields & Applications Spectroscopy

FTIR Takes the Heat for Aerospace

| Iestyn Armstrong-Smith

Handheld FTIR spectrometers have proven capable of measuring thermal damage in various carbon fiber composites used in modern aerospace applications.

Fields & Applications Materials

Faster Raw Material Analysis

| Iestyn Armstrong-Smith

Hetero Drugs Limited in Hyderabad, India, is a research-based global pharmaceutical company that focuses on developing, manufacturing and marketing active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), intermediate chemicals and finished dosages.

Fields & Applications Spectroscopy

Keeping it Real

| Valerian Ciobotă

Regulation of raw material identification in cosmetics using handheld Raman

Fields & Applications Spectroscopy

Down on the Farm

| Richard Wynn

NIR4 Farm is a near infrared (NIR) spectroscopy development that puts real-time scientific feed analysis in the palm of the hand of farmers and farm advisors.

Fields & Applications

Guiding Lights

| Rich Whitworth

Have your graduate students discovered all of the career paths open to them? Have you recognized the demands and realities of an evolving job market? In short, is it time to become a better mentor and guide students to real opportunities in industry?

Techniques & Tools Mass Spectrometry

Bioanalytical Living Legend

| Rich Whitworth

Sitting Down With... Barry Karger, James L. Waters Chair in Analytical Chemistry and Barnett Institute Director at Northeastern University, Massachusetts, USA.

Techniques & Tools Mass Spectrometry

State-of-the-Art TLC-MS

| Hans Griesinger, Michael Schulz

TLC-MS is here and still evolving – continual advances in coupling techniques and ambient mass spectrometry are giving rise to a renaissance. Here, we share the most promising techniques and open your eyes to the powerful – and flexible – combinations of TLC and MS.

Techniques & Tools Mass Spectrometry

Holistic Bioanalytics

| Rich Whitworth

Lawrence (Larry) Lesko is a bioanalytical veteran with many years of academic and FDA experience. Now, as director of the University of Florida’s Center for Pharmacometrics and Systems Pharmacology, Larry uses metabolomics to discover biomarkers of drug toxicity.

Fields & Applications Environmental

Shouldering Responsibility with Science

| Rich Whitworth

More than likely, you are already doing your part to improve lives and make the world a better place

Fields & Applications Chemical

Full Markes for Awareness

| Rich Whitworth

Markes International connects with the local community – and gets the wider community to connect with analytical science.

Fields & Applications Spectroscopy

Light Years Ahead

| Rich Whitworth

Using spectroscopy to protect and improve the quality of life for people worldwide.

Techniques & Tools Liquid Chromatography

Thirty Years Young

| Rich Whitworth

PSS is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year. And growing steadily over that time from two to more than 50 people has ensured that its core principle remains unchanged: a passion for sharing knowledge that helps make the world a better place.

Techniques & Tools Environmental

Improving Life Through Science – Responsibly

| Rich Whitworth

Sigma-Aldrich places “global-citizenship” at the heart of its business.

Fields & Applications Environmental

A Wonderful Sense of Perspective

| Rich Whitworth

The ‘ph’ in Phenomenex stands for philanthropy and drives a very ‘giving’ culture.

Fields & Applications Sample Preparation

Protein stability measurements amplified: Combining SEC-MALS and DLS to maximize data output

The stability of a protein sample and its tendency to aggregate is explored using a combination of SEC-MALS and DLS

Fields & Applications Sample Preparation

Overcoming solvent evaporation/drying during rheological testing on rotational rheometer

This paper shows how using a solvent trap can be used to prevent sample drying/solvent loss during extended testing, helping to ensure that only rheological changes are being measured and not artifacts resulting from drying of the sample at the air/sample interface.

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