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September 2013 Issue of The Analytical Scientist

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Articles featured in this issue

Techniques & Tools Data Analysis

Comment Is King

| Rich Whitworth

The discussion thread on an opinion article on chemometrics has been incredibly insightful – and spurred our commissioning strategy.

Techniques & Tools Mass Spectrometry

Microbe Probe

| Rich Whitworth

Want to mine for precious molecules in living microorganism colonies? Combine surface sampling and electrospray ionization mass spectrometry, and hey presto!

Techniques & Tools Liquid Chromatography

Seeing Cyanostars

A new star-shaped macrocycle has potential applications in perchlorate remediation, biosensing, and separation science

Techniques & Tools Technology

Joined-Up Data?

| Rich Whitworth

Accelrys makes big claims for the new Experiment Knowledge Base. We look into who in the analytical sciences world might be interested, and what value might be derived from it.

Techniques & Tools Data Analysis

Use the 99 Percent

| Rich Whitworth

Can 900 million Android devices save the world while their owners sleep?

Fields & Applications Clinical

Off the Menu

| Rich Whitworth

Chasing the dragon – with poppy seed bagels.

Techniques & Tools Mass Spectrometry

Sidestepping Obsolescence

| Frank Neely

How analytical scientists can enjoy a satisfying and intellectually stimulating career

Fields & Applications Mass Spectrometry

Multi-dimensional Marvel

| Robert A. Shellie

GC×GC provides simple improvements today and will be key to the personalized measurement devices of tomorrow.

Fields & Applications Clinical

Ears Wide Open

| Yaroslav Faybishenko

The best clinical diagnostic tools must balance accuracy with cost and ease-of-use.

Fields & Applications Mass Spectrometry

Omega-3 Odyssey

| Giuseppe Astarita

Are the health claims for these compounds warranted and, if so, can their measurement be streamlined?

Fields & Applications Data Analysis

Towards Tsunami-Resistant Chemometrics

| Lutgarde Buydens

Despite a fall from grace in recent years, chemometrics has a key role to play in the interpretation of mega-variate datasets.

Techniques & Tools Mass Spectrometry

The Origins of Mass Spectrometry

| Mike Grayson

Between 1900 and 1940, the development of the positive ray analyzer led to the study of isotopes for the first time, setting the stage for the development of mass spectrometry. Here, a series of brilliant experiments from the “Era of the Physicist” is revisited.

Fields & Applications Pharma & Biopharma

Personalized Patents

| Simon Kiddle, Hilary van der Hoff

The centuries-old European patent system is adapting to keep pace with personalized medicine.

Fields & Applications Liquid Chromatography

Tracking Designer Drugs

| Dave Strong

Combining solid phase extraction with high-resolution accurate mass LC-MS increases sample throughput and improves detection and identification of nov

Techniques & Tools Technology

We Are Family

| Alexander Buenz, Alexandra Knauer

Sitting Down With Alexandra Knauer, Owner, and Alexander Buenz, CEO, of Knauer.

Fields & Applications Pharma & Biopharma

Determination of phthalates in water using the VWR-Hitachi ChromasterUltra Rs high-resolution column

| Sponsored by VWR

The ChromasterUltra Rs together with LaChrom Ultra II high resolution column delivers excellent performance for the separation of similar compounds.

Fields & Applications Environmental

A toolbox of amino acids for mAb separations

Size exclusion chromatography (SEC) is well established for mAb aggregate analysis.

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