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December 2014 Issue of The Analytical Scientist

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Articles featured in this issue

Techniques & Tools Technology

Two Years On

| Rich Whitworth

Including the contents this final issue of 2014, we’ve published just shy of 350 articles to date, covering all aspects of analytical science.

Techniques & Tools Gas Chromatography

Smells Like... Blood

| Stephanie Vine

Can the human nose beat analytical instrumentation when it comes to identifying gory components?

Fields & Applications Technology

Miraculous miRNA Disease Detection?

A new microRNA analysis platform aims to detect disease well ahead of symptoms

Techniques & Tools Mass Spectrometry

The Comet Lander

| Rich Whitworth

Performing GC-MS on a speeding comet certainly sounds like science fiction...

Fields & Applications Technology

Outsmarting Ebola While You Sleep

| Rich Whitworth

A new World Community Grid project harnesses excess computational power donated by volunteers to screen millions of candidate drug molecules

Techniques & Tools Sample Preparation

What You’ve Been Reading...

| Rich Whitworth

We dived into our analytics to find the most popular online articles. Here, we present a thought-provoking quote from each of the top ten.

Techniques & Tools Spectroscopy

Fundamentals, Fun and Funding

I’ve been lucky enough to spend time in the grey area between analytical spectroscopy and atomic physics. It’s fascinating and enlightening – but is it chemistry?

Techniques & Tools Data Analysis

The Champions League of Measurement Science

| Peter Schoenmakers

A technique can only make it into the upper echelons of analytical chemistry with a strong, balanced team. And that means bringing together fundamental researchers, application specialists, and instrumentation experts on a well-supported playing field.

Fields & Applications Forensics


| Bob Blackledge

Will the future see crime scene investigators collecting nasal swabs or rinses from deceased victims to identify the assailant? In a word: yes.

Techniques & Tools Liquid Chromatography

Solvent Games in 2D-LC

| Paul G. Stevenson

How can we avoid band broadening and distortion of high performance liquid chromatographic peaks in the second dimension?

Techniques & Tools Technology

Return of the TASIAs

| Rich Whitworth

Accurate measurement drives progress in science in immeasurable ways. Here, we celebrate a year’s worth of advances in The Analytical Scientist Innovation Awards 2014. What impact will these 15 TASIA winners have on your field?

Fields & Applications Mass Spectrometry

When Great Minds Think Alike

| Rich Whitworth

The M908 took the top spot in our 2013 Innovation Awards – “Revolutionary technology; will be an inspiration for new generations,” said the judges. Here, four co-founders of 908 Devices describe the perfect storm that led to the creation of the world’s first handheld mass spectrometer.

Techniques & Tools Mass Spectrometry

How to Get PR Right

| Marcus Lippold

How do your customers, your competitors, the press or even the public perceive your organization? Here, I offer my tips, tricks and thoughts on PR – and suggest why you might want to consider a smarter approach.

Techniques & Tools Spectroscopy

For the Love of Spectroscopy

| Nicoló Omenetto

Sitting Down With Nicoló Omenetto, Research Professor in the Department of Chemistry at the University of Florida, USA.

Techniques & Tools Mass Spectrometry

Innovation Showcase

Sponsor companies proudly present their impressive contributions to the analytical science community.

Fields & Applications Sample Preparation

Measuring protein molecular weight using the Viscotek SEC-MALS 20 connected to a Waters Empower® SEC system

In this application note, we show that Malvern’s OmniSEC software can now communicate with Waters Empower® for the seamless exchange of sample sequences. A selection of proteins was used to demonstrate the measurement of protein molecular weight, oligomeric and aggregation state.

Fields & Applications Sample Preparation

PEGylated proteins: Optimizing conjugation reactions using triple detection SEC

In this application note, one protein, interferon α-5, was conjugated with two different PEG molecules in different reactions.  The protein and PEG molecules were characterized individually using multi-detector SEC, followed by the PEGylated conjugates.  Their composition, molecular weights and intrinsic viscosities were measured. This work was performed by Celares GMBH, Germany with samples provided by DIGNA BIOTECH, Spain

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