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High Sensitivity allergen detection in wine samples

| Contributed by YMC

High sensitivity detection of egg and milk peptides in wine samples using a YMC-Triart C18 MicroLC column.

Confident O-glycosylation Site Identification for ENBREL (etanercept) Using the ECD Functionality of SELECT SERIES Cyclic IMS System

| Contributed by Waters

Characterization of glycosylation on the glycopeptide level can be challenging with traditional peptide mapping methods

Improving Feature Detection and Putative Identification for Tissue Imaging Applications

| Contributed by Waters

HRMS DESI Imaging with the SELECT SERIES MRT Mass Spectrometer delivers enhanced mass accuracy and mass resolution

Enhancing Biotransformation Identification Efficiency Using LC-MS Fine Isotope Structure Produced With Multi Reflecting Time-of-Flight MS

| Contributed by Waters

HRMS coupled with LC is an ideal analytical tool for discovery and identification of drugs and their metabolites in complex biological matrices

Charge heterogeneity characterisation of an IgG4-based mAb using AEX coupled to MS

| Contributed by YMC

Cation exchange chromatography (CEX) is very well suited for characterising the charge heterogeneity of biomolecules.

NDIR gas sensing, Improve your detector design

| Contributed by Hamamatsu

This article explains how to detect certain gases by identifying their specific absorption wavelengths in the mid-infrared spectrum

Analysis of plasmid topoisomers in 5 minutes

| Contributed by Tosoh

Recombinant plasmid DNA (pDNA) is increasingly used as a raw material in gene therapy and as an active ingredient for DNA vaccination.

Uncover Epimers in Natural Extract Analysis

| Contributed by MOBILion Systems Inc

Challenged by isomer overlap in extracts? Separate based on inherent structural properties for better identification and higher sensitivity

Getting a complex carotenoid mixture separated

| Contributed by YMC

An optimised separation of up to 48 carotenoids was successfully realised using a YMC-Carotenoid column.

Expand Your PFAS Analysis. Screen for Targets and Identify Unknowns Simultaneously

| Contributed by Leco

This application snapshot focuses on the rapidly expanding area of PFAS analysis and highlights how screening for known PFAS targets

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