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October 2020 Issue of The Analytical Scientist

The Power List 2020 has landed! “Around the World in 60 Scientists” tells the stories of 10 leading analytical minds from each of our planet’s major continents. Grab your virtual passport and see who made the cut! And, in honor of our new format for 2020, we invited last year’s Number One Jonathan Sweedler to say a few words on the need for diversity in such celebrations (see page 14). Plus, we sit down to chat to Nadine Ritter, provide leading insights on COVID-19 testing, and explore the promise of environmental metabolomics.

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Articles featured in this issue

Business & Education Education

A World-Class Celebration

| Matt Hallam

Editor Matthew Hallam shares his thoughts on the importance of our 2020 Power List

Fields & Applications Mass Spectrometry

Catching Crooks Red-Handed

| Matt Hallam

How can we reliably study blood-covered fingerprints? One team may have found an answer

Business & Education Education

The Power List in Numbers

| Lauren Robertson

A small selection of numbers from our 2020 Power List

Business & Education Business

Business in Brief

| Lauren Robertson

A round-up of the latest business news in analytical science, from a program that promises to accelerate drug development to new product launches

Fields & Applications Gas Chromatography

A Dog's Dinner

| Matt Hallam

What makes your dog's dinner so desirable? GC-MS has an answer.

Fields & Applications Environmental

Awash with Apparel

| Lauren Robertson

Your favorite blue jeans are polluting the world’s oceans with tens of thousands of microfibers per wash

Fields & Applications Mass Spectrometry

Deep Sea Supernovae

| Lauren Robertson

Researchers have found evidence of ancient star explosions in deep-sea sediments

Techniques & Tools Microscopy

Close to the Edge

| Lauren Robertson

A new single-molecule microscopy technique lets researchers see lipid membranes in unique detail

Fields & Applications COVID-19

The Mass Spec COVID Check

| Maarten Dhaenens

Could mass spectrometry supercharge COVID testing efforts?

Fields & Applications Clinical

Look to the Children

| Donald Chace

Lessons learned from newborn screening could help us deal with public health threats - including COVID-19

Business & Education Education

A "New Normal" for the Power List?

| Jonathan Sweedler

Jonathan Sweedler discusses the diversity of our annual Power List in light of its new format for 2020

Business & Education Business

The Analytical Scientist Innovation Awards 2020

The Innovation Awards are back for 2020 - but which breakthroughs will make the cut? Nominate now!

Techniques & Tools Liquid Chromatography

Superior Size Separation

| Sponsored by Knauer

KNAUER AZURA GPC/SEC systems are designed to optimize both the user experience – and the end results.

Fields & Applications Metabolomics & Lipidomics

The Promise of eMetabolomics

| Peter W. Lindenburg, André van Roon

Environmental metabolomics is contributing to a better understanding of nature

Techniques & Tools Liquid Chromatography

A New Era in LC Columnto-Column Reproducibility

| Contributed by Pharma Fluidics

The importance of establishing robust and reliable analytical methods is of paramount importance in today’s life science research

Fields & Applications Polymers

Weather-Induced Degradation Study of High Density Polyethylene Using the Photoprobe

| Contributed by CDS

Three mechanisms of polymer degradation have been known as enzymatic, hydrolytic and oxidative

Fields & Applications Pharma & Biopharma

Safety Guaranteed

Nadine Ritter, President of Global Biotech Experts, talks us through her illustrious career in pharmaceutical analysis

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