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April 2023 Issue of The Analytical Scientist

Find out about the increasingly vital role of mass spectrometry in medical research in our cover feature – where Livia Eberlin, Eva Cuypers, and Michal Holčapek explain how high-quality analytical tools are enabling their groundbreaking translational research and predict what lies ahead. In our In My View section, our contributors discuss analytical science and the circular economy, the importance of simulators as vital learning tools and how we must employ a church and state approach when it comes to organizing scientific committees, evaluators, and awardees. Elsewhere, our Core Topic sections focus on the emergence of rival technologies in the mass spec world with Alexander Makarov, the importance of the van Deemter equation according to Deirdre Cabooter and Gert Desmet, and all things laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy with Rick Russo. Finally, we sit down with Jenny Brodbelt, to discuss her career in the biological applications of mass spec, her development of ultraviolet photodissociation, and why she chose to pursue analytical science.

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Articles featured in this issue

Techniques & Tools Microscopy

Concrete Evidence

| Georgia Hulme

Why are Roman buildings so durable?

Techniques & Tools Data Analysis

Demystifying Analytical Data Management

| Graham McGibbon, Nichola Davies, Mark Kwasnik | 5 min read

Analytical data is diverse, tied to many applications, and often difficult to access and share. But when data is managed well, the possibilities are e

Business & Education Business

Business in Brief

| Jessica Allerton

A quick-fire roundup of this month’s business news!

Fields & Applications Environmental

Squaring the Circle

| Harry Philipsen, Frans Beckers, Anton Schotman, Eric van Sprang | 7 min read

Analytical science will play a pivotal role in setting up and monitoring new physical and chemical processes for plastic recycling

Business & Education Business

Awards Above Suspicion

| Victoria Samanidou | 3 min read

When it comes to organizing scientific committees, evaluators, and awardees, we need to employ a church and state approach

Fields & Applications Clinical

MSI Marvel

| Margot Lespade, Georgia Hulme | 12 min read

Eva Cuypers discusses the vast potential of MSI, her work in cancer research, and the importance of researcher-clinician relationships

Fields & Applications Clinical

Lighting Up Lipidomics

| 3 min read

Michal Holčapek highlights the importance of lipidomics in clinical research – and shares his work in cancer diagnosis

Techniques & Tools Mass Spectrometry

Fighting for Mass Spectrometry

| 7 min read

Alexander Makarov reflects on the development of the Orbitrap technology, gaps in the mass spec toolkit, and the emergence of rival technologies

Techniques & Tools Liquid Chromatography

Powering Polymers

| Christian Schmidt | 3 min read

The key to meeting the demand for new and more complex polymeric materials? High-performance and application-tailored GPC/SEC systems.

Business & Education Education

A Positive Sum

| 5 min read

Has it become dogma? We say, “No! The van Deemter equation is here to stay!”

Techniques & Tools Liquid Chromatography

The Cutting Edge of Biopharma Analytics

| Angus Stewart | 7 min read

How can new LC-MS system help biopharma manufacturers?

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