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Fields & Applications Pharma & Biopharma

An approach to streamline and simplify the identification of crucial metabolites from targeted protein degraders

, 09:00AM US/Eastern | Sponsored by SCIEX

The identification of drug metabolites is a critical step in drug development due to their impact on drug efficacy and safety.

Techniques & Tools Data Analysis

Unlock the power of connectivity: Enhancing collaboration and data sharing in chromatography and mass spectrometry analysis

| Sponsored by Thermo Fisher Scientific

Join us for an overview of a powerful software solution specifically designed for scientists, offering a wide range of features and functionalities to meet the diverse needs of modern laboratories.

Fields & Applications Pharma & Biopharma

Advancing molecular glue discovery through high throughput Mass spectrometry based proteomics on Orbitrap Astral mass spectrometer

| Sponsored by Thermo Fisher Scientific

In this webinar our expert will talk about the developments in the field of high-throughput proteomics due to the introduction of faster and more sensitive mass spectrometers have brought us closer to the rational design and discovery of molecular glues.

Techniques & Tools Liquid Chromatography

Method Robustness and Transferability for Modern Size-Exclusion Methods - USA

| Sponsored by Phenomenex

We are delighted to invite you to our webinar with Phenomenex that will cover method design for size exclusion chromatography (SEC).

Techniques & Tools Mass Spectrometry

Biopharma Innovations: Experts Leveraging Ion Mobility

| Sponsored by MOBILion Systems Inc

This is an invaluable opportunity to deepen your understanding of ion mobility, its benefits and how it is propelling the biotechnology sector forward!

Discover how Bristol-Myers Squibb uses electron-activated dissociation (EAD) to confidently identify drug metabolites and localize site of metabolism.

| Sponsored by SCIEX

In this study, the application of EAD in drug metabolite profiling is explored. The efficiency in the structural elucidation of conjugation metabolites is compared with that of CID.

Techniques & Tools Mass Spectrometry

Trends and Challenges in PFAS Analysis

| Sponsored by Agilent, Metrohm and Shimadzu

Join us for this dynamic forum where we aim to unite our knowledge and experiences to address the multifaceted challenges in PFAS analysis.

Fields & Applications Environmental

Water Quality Testing: Do you know your membrane requirements?

| Sponsored by Cytiva

In this webinar learn about the history of membranes and how to select the right membrane for your testing needs.

DiscovIR-GC® Detector: Integration of GC-FTIR and MS as a Unique Tool in the Identification of Positional and Structural Isomers

| Sponsored by Spectra Analysis

The presentation will introduce DiscovIR-GC® (FTIR) as a universal detector that can be coupled with any Gas Chromatograph, using solid-phase direct deposition to afford unique molecule fingerprinting, while boosting the resolution and sensitivity over conventional gas phase devices.

Techniques & Tools Liquid Chromatography

Increasing method reproducibility by eliminating unwanted analyte surfaced interactions

| Sponsored by Waters

In this webinar, Water’s Principal Product Marketing Manager will talk further about this hybrid organic−inorganic surface, based on an ethylene-bridged siloxane chemistry, developed for use with reversed-phase and hydrophilic interaction chromatography.

Techniques & Tools Mass Spectrometry

Mass Spec Technology Forum

| Sponsored by Bruker, Biognosys, Evosep and Preomics

In May, we welcome our annual Mass Spectrometry Forum, where we discuss the latest trends in the mass spec field. This year, our main focus is proteomics. Our four speakers will share their knowledge and experience, alongside a discussion of the latest advances in the field

Techniques & Tools Liquid Chromatography

Thermo Scientific™ µPAC™ Neo HPLC Columns – Pushing Proteomics Boundaries with micro-Pillar Chromatography

| Sponsored by Thermo Fisher Scientific

In this webinar, we will present the next generation Thermo Scientific µPAC Neo columns

Techniques & Tools Technology

Sustainable Fume Hood Options for Laboratories

| Sponsored by Erlab, Labconco

Attend this webinar to learn what type of hood is right for you

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