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High-Throughput Analysis of Food Aroma Using Direct MS

Please join us for this live webinar that will describe how SIFT-MS can be utilized in diverse food and aroma applications, including:

  • Varietal and origin authentication
  • Objective sensory screening
  • Packaging testing
  • Process quality assurance

Learning Objectives of Webinar

  1. Learn the fundamentals of the selected ion flow tube mass spectrometry (SIFT-MS) technique, including its ability to selectively analyze diverse aroma compounds in one simple analysis.
  2. Understand how comprehensive aroma analysis using SIFT-MS provides objective sensory classification of diverse food products.
  3. Learn from case studies, how SIFT-MS can enhance new product development, through to product QA/QC, saving time and money, and reducing product losses.

8th August 2018, 3pm BST

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