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Evelyn Rampler

Group leader, Department of Analytical Chemistry, Faculty of Chemistry, University of Vienna, Austria

Challenges? The future of analytical chemistry lies in innovation and cooperation! As we continuously face new challenges to separate, identify, and quantify matter, improved instruments and workflows are the foundation for novel discoveries to answer questions in all fields of science. Science is coming increasingly complex, so the days of the single genius scientist solving mysteries all by herself/himself are over. I am convinced that we need to cooperate but also compare and combine diverse approaches to lay the bases for innovation and research breakthroughs in all scientific fields.

Predictions? To bring my major research field (glyco)lipidomics to the next level, it will be crucial to develop novel high-throughput, standardization, and data evaluation workflows. In my opinion, mass spectrometry is one of the most promising techniques as it enables us to monitor all kinds of molecules, helping us to understand the environment around us. High-resolution MS is particularly successful in monitoring the smallest building blocks of life including metabolites and lipids. For me, the analytical power of mass spectrometry on the small scale is comparable to the insights into the universe that we will gain with the James Webb telescope on the big scale. Sidenote: the James Webb telescope is another example of fruitful international cooperation that combines different approaches.

Advice? I can recommend my 3P strategy developed on the basis of discussions with our University of Vienna Women in Chemistry (WoChem) network. Passion: go for an inspirational and supporting research environment. Persistence: don’t give up – every challenge is a chance for change, and if some obstacles are too big to handle alone, get help and stay motivated (return to your supportive environment). Perspective: have your goals and role models – don’t forget to go for a healthy work-life balance (saying no is an option and often essential) and stay open to adapt your goals on the way. 

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