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Flavour profiling of hard seltzers and identification of potential quality markers using HiSorb™

| Contributed by Markes International Ltd

A fully automated workflow – from sample extraction to data analysis – was used for the flavour profiling of four different brands of hard seltzer.

Authentic or synthetic? Discovering authenticity markers in luxury to low-cost honey varieties using a high-capacity sorptive extraction technique (HiSorb™)

| Contributed by Markes International Ltd

This study demonstrates how sorptive extraction using high-capacity HiSorb probes was used to extract aroma compounds spanning a wide volatility range

Non-targeted profiling of polar metabolites in human plasma

| Contributed by YMC

The bioinert YMC Accura Triart Diol-HILIC column is used for NTS of polar metabolites in human plasma


| Contributed by IONICON

Multiple country mission in Asia for the DC8 flying laboratory has started

An End-to-End Targeted Metabolomics Workflow

| Contributed by Agilent Technologies

An end-to-end targeted metabolomics workflow involves sample preparation, separation, detection, and statistical analysis of the metabolites

High Sensitivity allergen detection in wine samples

| Contributed by YMC

High sensitivity detection of egg and milk peptides in wine samples using a YMC-Triart C18 MicroLC column.

Improving Feature Detection and Putative Identification for Tissue Imaging Applications

| Contributed by Waters

HRMS DESI Imaging with the SELECT SERIES MRT Mass Spectrometer delivers enhanced mass accuracy and mass resolution

Enhancing Biotransformation Identification Efficiency Using LC-MS Fine Isotope Structure Produced With Multi Reflecting Time-of-Flight MS

| Contributed by Waters

HRMS coupled with LC is an ideal analytical tool for discovery and identification of drugs and their metabolites in complex biological matrices

Confident O-glycosylation Site Identification for ENBREL (etanercept) Using the ECD Functionality of SELECT SERIES Cyclic IMS System

| Contributed by Waters

Characterization of glycosylation on the glycopeptide level can be challenging with traditional peptide mapping methods

Charge heterogeneity characterisation of an IgG4-based mAb using AEX coupled to MS

| Contributed by YMC

Cation exchange chromatography (CEX) is very well suited for characterising the charge heterogeneity of biomolecules.

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