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Amy Herr

The Power List 2016

Amy Herr

Lloyd Distinguished Professor, Department of Bioengineering, University of California, Berkeley, USA

Passion: Difficult measurement challenges exist at the interface of biology and quantitative science. Advanced measurement tools are already adding to our knowledge and capabilities in the areas of genomics and transcriptomics. As we push forward the frontier of quantitative, precise, and dynamic measurements, we’ll see even more knowledge unlocked from nature and translated into improving the human condition. Dynamic protein measurements are a lynchpin to realizing these knowledge leaps.

Pivotal moment: Realizing that persistent, stubborn, “never-give-up” hard work wins out nearly every time. Also, realizing the power of connecting people and championing others – what a wonderful, scalable way to make a positive difference.

Prediction: We’ll see protein measurement tools capable of stunning specificity and sensitivity, with measurement throughputs that firmly transport even single-cell resolution measurements into the realm of “big (quantitative) data.”

Part of the Power List 2016

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With three somewhat provocative Power Lists behind us (but certainly not forgotten), we once again forge ahead with our mission: to prove just how impactful and diverse our field is by sharing the passions, pivotal moments and predictions of brilliant scientists who continue to shape our future.

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