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Techniques & Tools Liquid Chromatography

Four Become One: Simplifying mRNA Analysis

| Jonas Wege, Stephan Seiffert | 6 min read

A collaboration between Tosoh and Axolabs simplifies lipid nanoparticle mRNA vaccine analysis – condensing several techniques into a single method

Detlef Günther

My students. Exciting recent advance: The reference-free quantification (size and number) of nanoparticles. Research goal: Improving our understanding of fundamental analytical processes in the hope of

Fields & Applications Sample Preparation

Automated particle size with Zetasizer NanoSampler

The Zetasizer NanoSampler is a sample delivery system that ensures highly precise and reproducible automated loading of samples into your Zetasizer Nano for particle size measurements. The NanoSampler adds automation and unattended operation in a versatile, compact package, maximising the productivity of your Zetasizer Nano.

Evaluating a Novel Approach to SERS

| Contributed by Wasatch Photonics

Surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy (SERS), first discovered in the 1970’s, has long offered the promise of sensitive detection of trace analytes

David Giljohann

AuraSense Therapeutics LLC, Skokie, IL, USA. Emphasis : We are developing biofunctionalized nanoparticles for gene regulation and detection. Our “Smart-Flares” are now being sold commercially by Merc

Fields & Applications Pharma & Biopharma

Leveling Up LNP Analysis

| Sponsored by Knauer | 4 min read

Presenting more convenient and environmentally friendly way to analyze the lipid content in lipid nanoparticles

Fields & Applications Spectroscopy

Non-invasive Prostate Cancer Screening

| Stephanie Vine

Can SERS accurately detect the early stages of the most common male cancer?

Detlef Günther

formation, ultra trace multi-element analysis, nano-depth layer ablation. chemistry, chip-based nanoparticle synthesis, continuous flow PCR, the application of high-contract fluorescence lifetime imaging

Andrew deMello

highlights include the first demonstrations of microfluidic combinatorial chemistry, chip-based nanoparticle synthesis, continuous flow PCR, the application of high-contract fluorescence lifetime imaging

Bo Zhang

List! Emphasis : “Fluorescence-Enabled Electrochemical Microscopy for Imaging Neurons and Single Nanoparticle Electrocatalysis.” Triumph : “The development and use of fluorescence-enabled electrochemical

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