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Effortless DNA library normalization using the ASSIST PLUS

| Contributed by INTEGRA Biosciences

The ASSIST PLUS pipetting robot, paired with the D-ONE single channel pipetting module, can give an easy automated result for library normalisation

Fast analysis of Vitamin E in palm oil using Supercritical Fluid Chromatography

| Contributed by Shimadzu

In this application SFC for this purpose is shown to be faster, with less organic solvent consumption.

Extractions of Phenols in Water Using the Empore™ HLB SPE EZ-Disk

| Contributed by CDS Analytical

This application note demonstrates the performance of Empore HLB EZ-Disk to extract 19 different species of phenols

Evaluation of Different Types of Empore™ StageTips

| Contributed by CDS Analytical

Describing the performance of three types of StageTips, packed with the Empore™ membrane, for peptide desalting for proteomics research

Analysis of Fragrance and Flavor Compounds in Citrus Peels by Dynamic Headspace with a Pyroprobe 6200

| Contributed by CDS Analytical

This application note demonstrates analysis of fruit peels by performing DHS- GCMS with a Pyroprobe 6200.

Reaction Tracking of UV-Curable Resin by FTIR IRXross

| Contributed by Shimadzu

Palm oil contains Vitamin E, which is usually quantified using normal phase HPLC. In this application SFC for this purpose is shown to be faster.

White paper on approaches for addressing Nitrosamines

| Contributed by Avantor

This article by Avantor’s R&D team discusses different approaches that can be taken with these challenging separations.

Carbohydrates in food according AOAC

| Contributed by Antec Scientific

A new method has been developed using Antec Scientific ALEXYS Carbohydrate Analyzer for the analysis of mono-, di- and more complex oligosaccharides

Efficient Peptide Desalting Using Tecan’s Proprietary NBE Columns

| Contributed by Tecan

Tecan’s proprietary NBETM format columns and SPE sorbents enable desalting in the column before peptide extraction.

Monitoring Structural Changes in Polysaccharides

| Contributed by Tosoh

Discover how the latest light scattering technology helps investigate and reveal differences in polymer architectures.

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