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Christina Jones

Partnerships and Outreach Strategist and Research Chemist, Advanced Manufacturing National Program Office, National Institute of Standards and Technology, USA

Secret to success? ISIAH WARNER. Even putting his name in all caps isn’t enough to emphasize the great, positive impact our mentor-mentee relationship had on both my professional career and personal life. He took me under his wing as a scared undergrad with no knowledge of the impact that science and technology research has on the quality of our lives. He gave me a space as an undergraduate chemistry major to grow comfortable and confident in my abilities as a scientist and analytical thinker and problem solver, and, more importantly, he showed me that analytical science is a place where I too belong and empowered me to be ambitious and reach for the stars in my career.

Advice? Don’t compare yourself to others because that’s a losing battle. Get in tune with your own abilities and evaluate yourself based on what you know you are capable of – thinking of your progression, not perfection. Also, establish a Board of Directors for yourself. Surround yourself with mentors, sponsors, and peers who have your best interest at heart, understand your goals, and can provide encouragement and resources to help you accomplish them.

Dream dinner party? Beyoncé is a must – and I expect a song or two for entertainment purposes. Regina Hall also comes to mind – positive energy and laughter. Oprah Winfrey and Shawn Carter for learning about overcoming life challenges, personal growth, and financial independence.

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