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Lucie Novakova

The Power List 2014

Lucie Novakova

Associate Professor, Department of Analytical Chemistry, Faculty of Pharmacy, Charles University, Hradec Kralove, Czech Republic.

Calling: “My personality unifies two opposing features: a precise analyst and a dreamer in one. This was probably why I got strongly fascinated with chromatographic techniques and become a scientist.”

Regret: “No. Being involved in separation science allows me to participate in interesting projects, learning new things and meeting great people.”

Emphasis: “Separation techniques including UHPLC and UHPSFC and their coupling with mass spectrometry. Sample preparation approaches in bioanalysis and other fields.”

: “I am proud of the book “Modern HPLC separation in theory and practice” written in Czech with my colleague M. Dousa.”

: Davy Guillarme and David V. McCalley

Hope: “Get rid of matrix effects and do sample preparation quickly is my ‘science-fiction’ hope – becoming an expert in the field of high resolution mass spectrometry and ion mobility MS might be more realistic.”

Prediction: “SFC will be a game-changer; we’re already seeing new instrumental platforms and stationary phases. Other instrumental development will follow, chiral stationary phases with smaller particles are already on the way…

Advice: “Have patience and enthusiasm”

Part of the Power List 2014

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