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Real-Time Monitoring of Bioreactor Critical Compounds w/ SIFT-MS

| Contributed by Syft Technologies

SIFT-MS monitors critical VOCs produced by bioreactors in real-time at low ppbV concentrations.

Rapid Analysis of Benzenes in Consumer Goods

| Contributed by Syft Technologies

SIFT-MS provides rapid, highly sensitive and selective analysis of benzene in a wide variety of commercial personal care products.

Air quality studies: Increasing productivity & data precision

| Contributed by Markes International Ltd

Studies of VOCs take several years to complete. How do analysts ensure the same precision in the data for each sample for the duration of a project?

Fields & Applications Proteomics

Powering Proteomics: E-book

| Contributed by SomaLogic

Find out SomaLogic intends to revolutionize precision medicine

White Paper - Cutting-edge Cryogenic Raman Microscope

| Contributed by WITec GmbH

Rapid Analysis of Nitrosamines in Drug Product Using SIFT-MS

| Contributed by Syft Technologies

Quantitative analysis of NDMA impurities in drug products is greatly simplified using SIFT-MS

Measuring PFAS pollution in ambient air

| Contributed by Markes International Ltd

App note showing how TD–GC–MS/MS enables measurement of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) in air at concentrations as low as 2 pg/m3

Rapid Analysis of MOSH / MOAH Contaminants in Packaging

| Contributed by Syft Technologies

Automated headspace-SIFT-MS analysis can screen >220 samples per day for volatile MOH fractions

Instrumental Analysis to Visualize Differences in Taste

| Contributed by Shimadzu

The search for components that contribute to the sensation of flavor, to establish a process flow for scientifically indicating flavor characteristics

Analysis of mRNA coupled to enhanced green fluorescent protein by RP and IEX

| Contributed by YMC

mRNA coupled to EGFP is analysed using two bioinert columns: the widepore RP column YMC-Accura Triart Bio C4 the and non-porous BioPro IEX QF column

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