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June 2017 Issue of The Analytical Scientist

Welcome to our June issue! In Upfront, UK kids get entrepreneurial, glass eels get sex changes and optical spectroscopy assesses climate changes in the Arctic tundra. In our features, Catherine Fenselau reflects on her impressive analytical career in (biomedical) mass spec, And Syft Technologies talk us through the high and lows of being a game-changing start-up. We also find out how an Innovation Awards winner made tires from sugar, and Sit Down With Strathclyde SERS superstar, Duncan Graham.

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Articles featured in this issue

Fields & Applications Mass Spectrometry

Onwards and Upwards

| Charlotte Barker

Editor Charlotte Barker reflects on the past, present and future of analytical science

Fields & Applications Mass Spectrometry

Sex off the Beach

| Joanna Cummings

Assessing safe levels of hormones in gender-switching eels with LC-DMS-MS/MS

Techniques & Tools Gas Chromatography

Eggs on Your Face

| Joanna Cummings

Could brill eggs pose a less expensive alternative to caviar in luxury cosmetics?

Fields & Applications Spectroscopy

COtoo Warm?

| Joanna Cummings

Optical spectroscopy uncovers increased carbon dioxide emissions on the Alaskan tundra

Business & Education Mass Spectrometry

From New Labs to New Solutions

| Joanna Cummings

We let you know what’s going on in the business world of analytical science.

Fields & Applications Liquid Chromatography

Bright Young Things

| Tim Harrison

Can a UK-wide science festival hook the next generation of analytical scientists?

Techniques & Tools Mass Spectrometry

Image of the Month

| Charlotte Barker

A 1948 National Institute of Standards and Technology photo of an early mass spectrometer

Techniques & Tools Metabolomics & Lipidomics

The Importance of Chiral Metabolomics

| Tomonori Kimura

Could chiral amino acids function as biomarkers for kidney disease?

Techniques & Tools Food, Beverage & Agriculture

Analytical Assistance, “Pro Humanitate”

| Norman Fraley

Technology in developing countries: it’s about time we asked ourselves what more we can do to help

Techniques & Tools Mass Spectrometry

Peeling Back the Layers

| Jorge Pisonero Castro

Pulsed glow discharge TOF-MS allows fast, direct analysis of complex thin coated materials

Fields & Applications Clinical

Embracing the Proteogenomic Toolkit

| Andreas Hühmer

To win the war on cancer, we need to put proteomics on an equal footing with genomics

Techniques & Tools Mass Spectrometry

Digging Deeper, Building Better

| Catherine Fenselau

An impressive science career and the past, present and future of mass spectrometry

Fields & Applications Mass Spectrometry

Sifting for Gold

| Murray McEwan and Vaughan Langford

How Syft Technologies (and SIFT-MS) is going from strength to strength

Techniques & Tools Mass Spectrometry

Taking MS into the Clinic

| Neil Dalton and Charles Turner

Bringing MS-based screening for newborn hemoglobinopathies into routine use

Techniques & Tools Gas Chromatography

Catalyzing Innovation

| Charlotte Barker, Paul Dauenhauer

The story behind the Polyarc® system – and how it sparked a discovery to make car tires from sugar.

Fields & Applications Spectroscopy

To SERS with Love

| Duncan Graham

We talk to Duncan Graham from Strathclyde about SERS - and how it all started with a dead bird…

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