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Content by Bruker:

Techniques & Tools Data Analysis

Then and Now… With Thomas J. Tague Jr

| Sponsored by Bruker

Thomas J. Tague Jr, Applications Manager at Bruker, discusses developments in Raman spectroscopy over the past decade

Techniques & Tools Technology

Hyperion II: Next Level Microscopy

| Sponsored by Bruker

We spoke with Tom Tague, Applications Manager at Bruker Optics, to find out how he and the Bruker Optics team took Hyperion to the next level…

Techniques & Tools Microscopy

Let There be Light!

| Sponsored by Bruker

Catching up with the experts behind the award-winning LUMOS II FTIR microscope

e-Book: The Complete Plasma Proteomics Solution

| Contributed by Bruker

This ebook from Bruker presents a comprehensive solution to help researchers master each step and overcome challenges in plasma proteomics research.

Diamond Layers Analysis by Raman and FTIR Spectroscopy

| Contributed by Bruker

The application of thin diamond coatings onto workpieces has allowed for new technical applications

Electrochemical Investigation in Research With Advancing Technology and Increase in Energy Consumption

| Contributed by Bruker

Studies of electrolyte systems and surfaces are of real importance for further development.

The INVENIO FTIR Spectrometer

| Contributed by Bruker

Accurate Reflectance and Transmittance Measurements on Highly Refractive Materials

Screening for Surface Contaminants Using IR Imaging (QCL)

| Contributed by Bruker

FT-IR microscopy is a proven method to locate and identify unknown substances and contaminants based on their molecular vibration.

Using Infrared Laser Imaging (QCL) for High-throughput Screening of Surface Contaminations

| Contributed by Bruker

FTIR microscopy is a proven method to locate and identify unknown substances and contaminants based on their molecular vibration

ASPIRIN® Decomposition Studies by TG-FTIR

| Contributed by Bruker

The supply of pharmaceutical products depends on the storage stability of the active ingredient in the formulation

Bruker FTIR takes Part in the Revolution of Meta-Material

| Contributed by Bruker

The revolution and novel properties of Meta-Materials

FT-IR Spectroscopy in Ultrahigh Vacuum: Surface Science Approach for Understanding Reactions on Catalytic Oxide Powders

| Contributed by Bruker

The fundamental advantage of using FT-IR spectroscopy in vacuum is to avoid the absorption of atmospheric moisture and other gas species (CO2).

Biomolecules, Cells and Tissue Studied by IR-Spectroscopy

| Contributed by Bruker

For more than 30 years, molecules have been analyzed in the solid, liquid and gaseous state on the basis of their specific vibrations.

Webinars on Demand

Techniques & Tools Spectroscopy

Replacing Titrations with a FT-NIR Analyzer: Applications, Advantages, and How to Make it Happen

| Sponsored by Bruker

FT-NIR analysers can perform many of the assays traditionally done using titration

Techniques & Tools Technology

The State-of-the-Art in Infrared Microscopy

| Sponsored by Bruker

Infrared microscopes have been in use since the late 1980’s with innovations continuing at a steady rate.

Techniques & Tools Mass Spectrometry

Toxtyper Screening – A New Kind of Forensic Evidence

| Sponsored by Bruker

The webinar will briefly introduce the field of forensic toxicology and focus on the use of the Toxtyper system for urine screening within this field.

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