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ACD Labs

Advanced Chemistry Development, Inc. (ACD/Labs)
8 King Street East, Suite 107, Toronto, ON, Canada, M5C 1B5
Tel:      +1 416 368 3435 ext. 228
Email:  [email protected]

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Content by ACD Labs:

Techniques & Tools Data Analysis

Making Digitalization Work for Everyone

| Richard Lee | 4 min read

Balancing the needs of experimental and data scientists can be difficult. Fortunately, there are digital technologies that suit both camps.

Techniques & Tools Data Analysis

Demystifying Analytical Data Management

| Graham McGibbon, Nichola Davies, Mark Kwasnik | 5 min read

Analytical data is diverse, tied to many applications, and often difficult to access and share. But when data is managed well, the possibilities are e

Techniques & Tools Data Analysis

Then and Now… With Daria Thorp

| Sponsored by ACD Labs

Daria Thorp, President, reflects on how far ACD/Labs has come over the past decade

Eliminating the Logistical Challenges of NMR Data Processing with Browser-Based Software

| Contributed by ACD Labs

This application note describes the implementation of Spectrus JS in a natural products researcher’s workflow.

Forced Degradation Data Management in Drug Development

| Contributed by ACD Labs

A stability indicating method is a chromatographic method used to validate analytical procedures.

Removing User Bias from Structure Verification by NMR

| Contributed by ACD Labs

Chemical structure verification by NMR is one of the most fundamental, and yet challenging practices in synthetic chemistry

A Streamlined Workflow for the Rapid Identification of Unknowns Using MS Structure ID

| Contributed by ACD Labs

When performing any type of screening assay, one of the most significant analysis challenges lies in the identification of unknown components

An Update for Pharmaceutical Stress Testing Enabled by Modern Informatics Technologies

| Contributed by ACD Labs

Stress testing or forced degradation is well recognized as a fundamental part of the drug development process...

Ensuring Effective Analytical Data Management Across Multiple Experiments, Instruments, and Vendors with the ACD/Spectrus Platform

| Contributed by ACD Labs

One key challenge confronted by analytical scientists is the growing need for contemporary informatics approaches.

Tracking Fate and Purge of Impurities and Calculating Carryover

| Contributed by ACD Labs

The purpose of process development in pharma is to select and optimize a synthetic route to produce the active pharmaceutical ingredient (API).

A New Method for the Reliable Detection of 13C Multiplets of Fluorine Containing Compounds

| Contributed by ACD Labs

In modern organic and medicinal chemistry, fluorine is used to enhance the chemical properties of molecules in many desirable ways.

Automated Deformulation of LC/MS and GC/MS Data through Database Searching

| Contributed by ACD Labs

Here we describe an extension of a new chromatographic deconvolution algorithm, based on ion threads.

Using Predicted 13C NMR Spectra with Open Resources for Structure Dereplication

| Contributed by ACD Labs

Over the past two decades, market pressure has led to increased demands for development of New Molecular Entities (NME’s).

Manage Live, Multi-vendor, Multi-technique Analytical Information In Chemical Context

| Contributed by ACD Labs

ACD/Spectrus is a uniform platform for processing, analysis, interpretation, and management of analytical and chemical knowledge.

Webinars on Demand

Techniques & Tools Data Analysis

How to Overcome the Challenges of Analytical Data Management

| Sponsored by ACD Labs

Join this panel of experts as they discuss the results of their 2022 Data Management survey.

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