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Sample Preparation

Fields & Applications Sample Preparation

Overview of Key Principles of Dynamic Light Scattering to protein therapeutic formulations – Part 1

This four-part series examines common issues and questions surrounding the principles, measurements and analysis of DLS data and discusses how to minimize the time required for and increase the accuracy of acquiring and interpreting DLS data during the biotherapeutic development process. In Part One, we provide an overview of the key principles of DLS: theory, correlation statistics, deconvolution algorithms, and the intensity to mass transform.

Fields & Applications Sample Preparation

Nanoparticle Tracking Analysis: Drug nanocarriers

The role that nanoparticles play in the rapidly developing field of ‘NanoMedicine’ has been discussed previously in Chapter 5. In this Chapter, we review the specific mechanisms by which such nanoparticles are designed and formulated and in which NTA has had a significant part to play.

Fields & Applications Sample Preparation

Monitoring the particle size distribution of ground coffee

The ability to quickly and reproducibly measure coffee ground particle size and size distributions is important during grinding operations to ensure that the coffee quality is maintained and that the correct grade is produced. The Mastersizer 3000 and the Funnel Sample Feeder for the Aero S dry powder disperser provides this capability, offering a rapid alternative to traditional sieve analysis.

Fields & Applications Sample Preparation

Characterization of protein aggregates in suspension and on a filter membrane by Morphologically-Directed Raman Spectroscopy

The combination of static microscopy and Raman spectroscopy in the Morphologi G3-ID enables automated chemical identification of protein aggregates and other contaminants in a biotherapeutic sample, either in suspension via a thin-path wet cell or on a filter membrane.

Fields & Applications Sample Preparation

Microcalorimetry as a tool for structural biology

Learn how Isothermal titration calorimetry can be used to guide protein (RNA)/ligand crystallization and to resolve common issues with crystallization of complexes.

Fields & Applications Sample Preparation

Characterization of IgG monomers & their aggregates

Determining the components, and their proportion, in a protein sample is essential for the improvement of candidate formulations and characterization of final formulations.

Techniques & Tools Sample Preparation

The Virtues of Graphene

| Constantine Stalikas

In what should be our constant endeavor to improve sample preparation, we must look to new materials – and focus on bending them to our own needs.

Fields & Applications Sample Preparation

Laser diffraction and automated imaging: complementary techniques for nasal spray development

The techniques of laser diffraction and automated particle imaging support the fast, cost-effective development of nasal spray products, simultaneously providing the data required for regulatory compliance. This paper examines their application.

Fields & Applications Sample Preparation

Size Exclusion Chromatography / Gel Permeation Chromatography: An Introduction in 30 Minutes

GPC/SEC is mainly used for the characterization of macromolecules including synthetic and natural polymers (including polysaccharides) as well as proteins or RNA/DNA. This white paper provides an introduction to the technique in 30 minutes.

Fields & Applications Sample Preparation

Measuring protein molecular weight using the Viscotek SEC-MALS 20...

In this application note, we show that Malvern’s OmniSEC software can now communicate with Waters Empower® for the seamless exchange of sample sequences. This allows OmniSEC to follow the injections performed by a Waters SEC system and to synchronize data collection. A selection of proteins was used to demonstrate the measurement of protein molecular weight, oligomeric and aggregation state.

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