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Fields & Applications Sample Preparation

The big reveal: Workhorse + Innovation = more information (Part 2)

In this second article of a short series Dr Paul Kippax is looking at the how recent innovations are substantially enhancing the value and informational productivity of some of our established and trusted analytical techniques. This time, the addition of multiple detectors to a GPC/SEC analysis…

Techniques & Tools Technology

Return of the TASIAs

| Rich Whitworth

Accurate measurement drives progress in science in immeasurable ways. Here, we celebrate a year’s worth of advances in The Analytical Scientist Innovation Awards 2014. What impact will these 15 TASIA winners have on your field?

Fields & Applications Sample Preparation

Application of Dynamic Light Scattering to Protein Therapeutic Formulations: Principles, Measurements and Analysis - 4. FAQs

Frequently asked questions related to the application of DLS to the characterization of protein therapeutic formulations

Fields & Applications Preparative/Process Chromatography

The Art of Analysis, Reprised

| Anne Francois Aubry

“During human progress, every science is evolved out of its corresponding art,” wrote Herbert Spencer in 1861. So, is analytical chemistry truly as much an art form as a science?

Techniques & Tools Microscopy

Water (E)quality

| Stephanie Sutton

Water quality control testing at multiple locations along a distribution system is a challenging and time-consuming process, particularly in low-income countries.

Techniques & Tools Clinical

Diagnosing Malaria Sooner

| Bayden Wood

Our third effort at developing a simple analytical diagnostic for malaria looks promising. It could help prevent the spread of the most devastating disease on the planet.

Fields & Applications Sample Preparation

Automated particle size with Zetasizer NanoSampler

The Zetasizer NanoSampler is a sample delivery system that ensures highly precise and reproducible automated loading of samples into your Zetasizer Nano for particle size measurements. The NanoSampler adds automation and unattended operation in a versatile, compact package, maximising the productivity of your Zetasizer Nano.

Techniques & Tools Mass Spectrometry

ASMS on Tour

| Rich Whitworth

On June 15, the 62nd ASMS Conference on Mass Spectrometry and Allied Topics sails into Baltimore

Techniques & Tools Technology

The Emergence of Quantitative Raman

| Debdulal Roy

Raman spectroscopy has multifaceted appeal but requires an additional metrological dimension to make it a truly competitive quantitative technology.

Techniques & Tools Liquid Chromatography

Slip Flow Star

| Mary Wirth

The use of submicrometer particles in chromatography, viewed as heresy when first suggested a decade ago, is today seen as a possible quantum leap in separation efficiency. This is a first‑hand account of the origins of the idea, the experiments that yielded crystal-clear data and the literature on slip flow that provided an explanation of the remarkable findings.

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